B05:Sebastian Hermida

Self Isolation 

Sebastian Hermida | Self Isolation, 2020
ÖL auf Holz
60cm x 60cm x 3cm

As an artist, I have been investigating the ways in which art can be applied to everyday personal life, not only as a device for self-reflection, but as a way to generate and install models of social interactions capable of providing new ways of relating to reality and utopia.
I work with storytelling art, with constructions and images committed to the poetic, social and emotion through the landscape.
In my painting, I create characters without faces or from backs that blend simply as one more part of the stage, but that leave the possibility of identification open and free. On my representation, painting as a gesture of the brush and color is the form of personal expression, and that through my game of layers, brush strokes and shades of color, I am playing with the reality that I am recreating in my own way.
My aesthetic-commitment is through a reduction of selected colors with a palette that details the narration in an era or emotionality linked to something that could be ethereal.